Dr. Nudrat Malik

Dr. Nudrat Malik
Qualification: Bachelors of dental science
Specialist: Aesthetic Dentistry
Expertise: Ceramic veneers, composite veneers, whitenings, esthetic fillings, denture, root canal treatments, dentures, crown and bridge.
Experiences: 13 Years
Organization: SMDC
Registration Number: 31519964-002
Chamber: Specialized Medical and Dental Centre
Address: Al Hubaida Awards Buildings, block B, 1st floor, 118. Jumeirah 1
Visiting Hours: 9am – 6pm
Phone for Appointment: 0545305374
About: Dentist by heart and art. 13 years of clinical experienced , worked in India, Mauritius and Dubai based in Jumeirah1.
Its a one stop dental centre group of professionals working together to fulfill any of your dental needs.
Why choose me?
-I dont do what I dont do on my family members.
Minimal pain on my dental chair.
I apply tell, show and do approach to keep my patient informed about the treatment plan and procedure going to perform.
I do invisible dentistry . If I put a crown bridge or filling in your mouth it wont be visible to the world.
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