Al Abrah Clinic – Port Saeed Deira

Address: 804 A-Block Centurion Star Tower Port Saeed Deira Dubai
Contact Number:
+971 50 235 4865
Opening Time: 9am to 9pm
Doctor’s List:
Dr Alireza Zaeefjou – Medical Director, General Dentist
Dr Sonam Pritwani – General Dentist
Dr Azeem Patel – Specialist Orthodontist
Dr Burhan Showkan – Specialist Orthodontist
Dr Zakir Hossain – Specialist Orthodontist
List of Services:
Orthodontict Treatment:
Crooked teeth
Teeth & bite alignment
Smile treatment
Teeth gap/ spcing
Open bite/ under bite
Clear retainer / fixed retainer
Braces for kids

General dental:
Root canal
Teeth scaling & polishing
Simple Tooth extraction
Wisdom tooth extraction (impacted)
Kids fluoride
Tooth filling/ composite
Crown/ bridges
Denture (flexible/ acrylic)
Teeth whitening
Deep cleaning / root planning
Composite veneers
Onlay/ inaly
Gums treatment
Teeth build-up

All on 4 dental implant
All on 6 dental implant
Jawbone preparation (grafting)
Full mouth rehabilitation
Crown / bridge over implant

2D OPG X-ray
3D CBCT X-ray
About: Al-Abrah Clinic stands out as a distinguished dental and medical destination. Our advanced institution serves both local and foreign patients and has a reputation for quality. Our group of medical professionals offers various services, such as dermatology, general healthcare, orthodontics, and dental implants, all under the same roof. Our skilled team is committed to meets your specific needs, whether you require modern medical care or rehabilitative dental care. Enjoy convenience and a thorough treatment plan all under one roof. This is a place where your path to a happy, healthy smile begins.
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