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The specialist doctor list website is the number one treatment information, doctor address, chamber time, and phone number provider in Bangladesh. We try to update regularly and hope it’s helpful for you. This website started in 2018. At first, we published only Dhaka city and now trying to update all Bangladeshi major cities’ doctor information enlisted.

This website aims to provide doctors with information for who not know where/which hospital going for specific treatment.

Remember, we have no affiliate relationship with a doctor or hospital.


1. If you find any mistakes, please inform us via email or comments.

2. When you found any broken link, please inform us instantly. We correct it as soon as possible.

3. If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments for improvement on this website: https://bestdoctorinfo.com/ please email us.

Our email address is: jewelfuji@gmail.com

Syed Manirul Islam.

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